ITH was founded in April 1962, by Brother Carlos and Barbara Poggi in Miami, FL. The Poggi brothers were appointed as domestic missionaries to work with the Eastern Hispanic District, who, with their Superintendent, Vicente Ortiz, approved the idea of the institute in Miami. The death of Brother Poggi in the summer of 1962 prevented him from seeing the start of the institute. However, classes began in September 1962 under the direction of Brother Andres Roman assisted by his wife and also by Sister Luisa Jeter de Walker, who put together the curriculum. The following events were events that marked our history of the Institute.

  • At a critical time for the Institute, between 1965 and 1970, several confreres from the Anglo work in Florida and from the missionary corps lent their help. Among them were Brothers Ralph Williams, Loren Triplett, Aurora Romero, Jack Starbbuck and Paul Cardiff.
  • Among the students in the Institute's first classes were such well-known names in the current Hispanic scene as Mike Hernandez, David Bonilla, Virginia Bonilla, Saul Flores, Demetrio Crespo, Rosa Cardona, Pedro Garcia, Santos Acabéo and Pedro Arriaga.
  • During the beginning of the Hispanic work in Florida, other branches were established in South, Central and North Florida.
  • David Méndez, Rev. José del Toro, Rev. David González, Rev. Raúl Oropesa, Rev. Juan Valdés, Rev. David Moore, Dr. Jorge L. Gautier and currently Rev. Elga Comellas.
  • Headquarters were established in Orlando, FL.
  • Branches were opened in the state of South and North Carolina.
  • In 2006, branches were opened in the state of Alabama.
  • In 2013 our District changed its name, we separated from the branches of Georgia and Carolinas; therefore our Institute had to make adjustments to the name, from 2014 we are Multicultural Theological Institute of Florida.
  • The ministerial curriculum of the Multicultural Theological Institute has been approved to meet the educational requirements for ministerial credentials by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The Multicultural Theological Institute does not grant ministerial credentials. Ministerial credentials are granted by the Credentials Committee of The General Council of the Assemblies of God.