Correspondence courses are supervised directly by the Department of Education and are NOT available at the branches. Correspondence courses are provided only to students who are duly active in the current school year, were unable to register on time for the course requested or were unable to attend a certain course due to an emergency or other valid situation and need to keep up with their academic year.

Correspondence Course Application

Name of Course to be Completed

Información del Estudiante

Student Information
Write the reasons why you need to study by correspondence:

I accept and adhere to the 16 Fundamental Truths on which the Assemblies of God doctrine is based.

To the best of my knowledge the information above is correct. I understand that I am responsible for the balance. I also authorize MTI or the Branch to be free to provide information required to process my certificate or special recognition and / or photograph for publication. MTI only provides the Christian education service. All other services that the Branch develops will not be endorsed by the District nor will it be legally responsible.